AQUARIUS MARINE SERVICES have a wide experience in the Egyptian shipping sector as we combine our expertise which qualifying us to serve all ships with the fastest and reliable repairing of high qualities and best ways. At the shores in all Egyptian ports as from our workshops in Alexandria, Port Said, Suez and all other shipyard regions. We welcomes our valued customers to test our repair services which we promise that they will meet their full satisfaction.


We Repair and make arrangements for:  

  • Fabrication and manufacturing of parts repairs and Gangways fabrications
  • F.O, Sewage, Sludge tank cleaning, Oil spill recollection and gas freeing
  • Ultrasonic thickness test and ultrasonic hatch cover tightness test
  • Cargo hold cleaning, Fumigation and painting services
  • Cleaning chemicals and material supplies
  • Hydraulic repairs (Cranes,Hatches,Hydraulic deck valves and pumps)
  • Steel and pipes renewal, welding and fittings
  • Main & Auxiliary Engines periodical overhauling and piston reconditioning
  • Anchors & Chains replacement
  • Rentals of cherry pickers, generators sets, shore cranes and forklifts
  • Dry docking attendance and daily service
  • Second hand engines and ship parts 


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