Aquarius Marine Services Co. is a specialized agent in serving all types of ships and cargoes at all major Egyptian ports gaining long experiences with all types of vessels transiting Suez Canal or calling any Egyptian port. In addition to that we are a Ship chandler, Fright forwarders and Off-shore petroleum services providers.  

Aquarius Marine Services Codelivers a range of tailored Agency and Logistics services to the Oil and Gas industry at all Egyptian territorial waters and coasts.

 Utilizing the experience and the expertise of our staff over the years including all the keys of Oil and Gas locations on both of the Mediterranean and Red sea also Aquarius Marine is well placed to meet the several and unique demands of our clients in this industry.

Whether our clients is a Sub sea construction contractor, Dredging company, Marine seismic survey company, Pipe laying or cable laying contractor Aquarius Marine has the experience and the expertise to deliver the highest quality Agency and logistics services wherever they need us

 Our dedicated Off-shore services can support your offshore project from the conception to the completion 

Starting from the provision of specialized local information all over Egypt at the Pre-project & planning stage, Local vessels, operating permits and clearances during mobilization and all the provision of a wide range of services during the project period including vessel agency, crew management and personnel logistics of onshore supply bases

Beyond local project we are adding value to our client’s business by providing innovative global, out sourced operational and financial solutions that are helps our clients stay focused on their projects and operational priorities in this dynamic and fast moving industry.

 If you would like to know further details about our offshore services you can find below scope of our activities:    

Oil & Petroleum services

Aquarius Marine Services Co. is operated by a dedicated staff who managed our branches through all the Egyptian ports in both of the Mediterranean & Red sea.

This experienced professionals are familiar with the requirements of the Oil & Petroleum Services industry regarding the operational units servicing (Drilling rigs, Research vessels,

Supply boats, Utility boats………….etc).

Aquarius Marine provides the following services:  

 – Arranging the necessary military & security approvals for all marine units including (Drilling rigs, Research vessels, Supply boats, Utility boats, Diving boats, Cable & Coring Vessels………….etc) besides working crews in all Egyptian territorial waters.

– The considerations of all potential prior approvals coordinating with following authorities: 

  • Armed forces operations sectors, Intelligence, State Security, Naval bases, Air forces & Coastal Guards.
  • National Security
  • Environment Authority
  • Group 26
  • The Ministry of Maritime Transport
  • Ports & Lights          

– The issuance of the following permits:

  • The Navigation Warning
  • Coastal guards permissions
  • The 26 Group permits for crew & staff
  • Telecommunications licenses for communication equipment (VHF, HR Radar…………etc) for on board proposes
  • Required permits for INMARSAT to work via satellite stations.    

– Crew & Staff arrangements:

  • Airport assistance arrangements for crew & staff including entry visas
  • Finishing all the crew change formalities for marine units with security & immigration
  • Accommodations & hotel reservations at Cairo and all the Egyptian ports
  • The Issuance of residences & work permits for foreigners to work in Egypt
  • Assisting in air travel reservations once required
  • Crew & Staff transportation from/to Cairo and other destinations with reliable, comfort and air conditioned cars & vehicles
  • The Issuance of the necessary permit of the Egyptian ministry of maritime transport for working in the Egyptian territorial waters
  • Instant issuance of necessary port passes
  • Dispatching arrangements of the crews from/to drilling rigs at local Egyptian airports ( EL Gameel, EL Nozha & Red sea ports
  • All types of medical services

N.B. Our drivers are following all the HSE rules regarding road transport:

  • Seats belts to be used at all times
  • Following roads official speed
  • Prohibition of mobile talking during driving
  • Driving is only at day time 

24/7 communications services are available at all of Aquarius Marine Offices & branches which are equipped with VHF marine radios, Phones. Faxes, Mobiles, WiFi & Internet services

capable of providing MEDVAC assistance once required.

Contact us: 

Tel : (002) 010-199-32944    |    (002) 011-167-31191